Our Story

Few things matter as much as the pursuit of a healthy and peaceful life: moving toward the ones you trust, caring for the body you need, and love and existing with a sense of purpose. For us, that meant integrating our passion for clinical medicine with our desire to help others live healthy lives. As Physician Assistants we knew starting a company based on trust and knowledge was the best way we could help.

Kora Nova means “new revolution;” even in the relatively new hemp extract market, we want to revolutionize the way patients—not just customers—experience full-spectrum hemp extract products. As healthcare professionals, as mothers, as healthy women, the research was crucial for us, and we did our homework. We dug into the science extensively, met with Colorado farmers, visited rows of beautiful hemp reaching toward the sun, and asked the important questions: How do we make sure our product is pure? How do we make sure our product is organic and ethical? How do we guide and provide in a way that leads to real and healthy change?

Our answer is Kora Nova.